First Launch
30th Dec 2011 Jodhpur. In a scintillating ceremony set in the Umaid Bhavan Palace ( now run as a premium hotel by the Taj Group of Hotels, and ) once the seat of the Jodhpur Empire, IJ Singh author of the unique travel book "No Boda Boda", saw its unveiling at the hands of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, HH Gaj Singh the IInd, in the Rathore Hall.

The book which features unusual adventures and journeys over a span of three decades, also features elements of "The Great Game", "Eco Journeys", and "Equestrian Journeys and Polo Safaris from around the world". In the context the last, Jodhpur Polo co sponsored by Royal Salute Whiskey is showcased.

IJ Singh presented signed copies to HH Gaj Singh , visiting International Brand Ambassadors representing Royal Salute, Mr Niel McDonald and The Duke of Argyll, and Mr Asheesh Rai, General Manager of the Umaid Bhavan Palace. The inimitable Peter Prentice of the affiliate Chivas Group, introduced the personalities and events of the evening which also included a mesmerizing fashion show by the costume designer Mandira Virk.The evening proceeded late into the night with electrifying music and dancing enjoyed by all there.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dignitaries and Visitors from Overseas, Members of the local community and Polo Players,-----I would like to thank Baap Ji...HH Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Jodhpur

Royal Salute-the finest whiskey in the world And Mr Asheesh Rai-the man who makes it all happen here at the Umaid Bhavan Palace, for affording me what is singularly the most scintillating international venue any one could ever hope to be present at, for the unveiling of my book, NO BODA BODA.

The title No Boda Boda has attracted much curiosity and humour, which was of course the idea. What I was not prepared for was when Uday Kalaan kept saying "no duba duba" :. He then tried to correct this to "no boda duba..! " The content of the book largely features humourous travel tales over a 30 year period , from the field of adventure and sporting travel.

Relevant to this esteemed audience and venue are the sections on worldwide equestrian travel and polo safaris which I founded in NA in 1996 . In the polo section there are two sections on Royal Salute and Jodhpur Polo and I trust that this will be of singular interest to all here, besides other aspects of the book.

I would like to present a signed copy each to Baap Ji, Mr Peter Prentice and Mr Asheesh Rai and would be grateful for this opportunity and wish Jodhpur Polo under the guidance of Baap Ji very well indeed for the years ahead.
Book Launch Bash
West Palm Beach Florida: USA: 1st Week April 2012, during the US Polo Open (write in for details)
Jaipur - 11th March 2012
Mumbai - 17th March 2012
London - 23rd June 2012
It was polo which has strong origins in the Indian sub continent that took me to India. Once there it was InderJit Singh, ("IJ", as he is known to friends), who showed me and my family sides of this fascinating country that we were otherwise unlikely to have seen. Upon reading his book we see IJ's great sensitivity and ability to interpret India to the western traveler, as well as his tremendous sense of humor. In addition, IJ's work and commitment to environmental issues in India, and bringing home to both domestic and international audiences the pressing issues "Mother India", faces in this world, is something IJ does very well in, NoBodaBoda. With IJ's three decade of hands on experience working in the over two dozen regional states in India collectively featuring over 200 distinct languages and 600 dialects, it is no wonder that he showed great ability in con-ducting unique sporting leisure holidays in other continents, especially Africa and South America, both of which are also featured here. e book is very useful for western audiences interested in understanding rarely seen facets of a great country that has only now captured the imagination of the world, from the perspective of someone who has always been close to nature and indigenous people. ebook conveys a distinctive philosophy and outlook, and one that endeavors to shake people in the Indian Sub Continent, out of environmental complacency. Since America is now a key partner with India, in defense, business and trade, India's long term ecological health should be of interest to an audience beyond India.His humorous travel anecdotes, perspectives on the Tibet Issue and the interactions with His Holiness e Dalai Lama, are both a useful resource for the keen outdoor traveler as well as a parallel to the Buddhist Wheel of Life that IJ sees in his own journey. In conveying all that he has in this very unusual book, IJ has endeavored to keep the bar high, in the footsteps of a family that has strived for exemplary service to ones fellows. IJ is an interesting and good man and NoBodaBoda is a wonderful journey.
Even No Boda Boda's book mark is a Collectible!