The vignettes are
brisk but unrushed!
No Boda Boda! is a masala of descriptive prose peppered with prankish innuendo and humor guiding its readers to each destination and experience with a light-hearted but scrupulous hand. The vignettes are brisk but unrushed; the story telling is at a pace and tone identical to the approach Inder Jit Singh (IJ) uses as CEO and trek leader for TigerPaws.
Second Release 01 July 2014
Second Edition: Published by Bookwise India and distributed by Variety Book Depot New Delhi India.
First Release 30 Dec 2011

First Release (Self Pub Ed): by His Highness The Maharaja Gaj Singh II Of Marwar - Jodhpur at the Royal Umaid Bhawan Palace.

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Rana Dasgupta – Author
The travel yarns Inderjit Singh has woven together in "No Boda Boda" are thrilling and utterly absorbing.  He sees different landscapes as only someone with his history and background could, and he conveys what he sees with attention and wit.  

Completely charming.
Stephen Alter - Author
Inder Jit Singh is a remarkable, self-made adventurer, who combines a passion for the environment with his love of outdoor sports.  Whether he is exploring forest cultures, tracking giraffes on horseback, shooting the rapids on Himalayan rivers, or playing polo in exotic locales, his stories crackle and glow like a good campfire.
Julian Hipwood - International Polo Player
As his book reveals, besides other talents, IJ has done much for international polo by starting the concept ofpoloholidays on the worldwide web since 1997, and initiating novices fromall over the world to international destinations.That he was only able to take up his own polo seriously at the age of 47 shows the addiction of the fascinating sport, and indeed IJ's own grit..
It was polo which has strong origins in the Indian sub continent that took me to India. Once there it was InderJit Singh, (“IJ”, as he is known to friends), who showed me and my family sides of this fascinating country that we were otherwise unlikely to have seen. Upon reading his book we see IJ’s great sensitivity and ability to interpret India to the western traveler, as well as his tremendous sense of humor. In addition, IJ’s work and commitment to environmental issues in India, and bringing home to both domestic and international audiences the pressing issues ‘Mother India”, faces in this world, is something IJ does very well in, NoBodaBoda. With IJ’s three decade of hands on experience working in the over two dozen regional states in India collectively featuring over 200 distinct languages and 600 dialects, it is no wonder that he showed great ability in conducting unique sporting leisure holidays in other continents, especially Africa and South America, both of which are also featured here. The book is very useful for western audiences interested in understanding rarely seen facets of a great country that has only now captured the imagination of the world, from the perspective of someone who has always been close to nature and indigenous people. The book conveys a distinctive philosophy and outlook, and one that endeavors to shake people in the Indian Sub Continent, out of environmental complacency. Since America is now a key partner with India, in defense, business and trade, India’s long term ecological health should be of interest to an audience beyond India.His humorous travel anecdotes, perspectives on the Tibet Issue and the interactions with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, are both a useful resource for the keen outdoor traveler as well as a parallel to the Buddhist Wheel of Life that IJ sees in his own journey. In conveying all that he has in this very unusual book, IJ has endeavored to keep the bar high, in the footsteps of a family that has strived for exemplary service to ones fellows. IJ is an interesting and good man and NoBodaBoda is a wonderful journey.
Palm Beach, Florida
22nd August 2011
Ellen- California USA
Good luck with your book sale.  You are an individual that has opened the door to many people’s world perception.  I’m sorry to have lost your vast knowledge of travel experience and expertise.  Glad for the opportunities I did get with travel in India, under your advise.
Hi Inderjit,
Very impressive indeed. Heartiest congratulations! Love the name Boda Boda. Look forward to getting a copy.
Warm regards,
Wow! Love that silk coat and bow tie..... East meets west with the turban ensemble!
Hi Inderjit,
Once again congratulations for having launched the Book in such Regal company.All the best with the book and I look forward to reading it.
Hi Inderjit,
This is really WOOOOOW, congrats and will buy the book one of these days and get it signed by you
Cheers to more successes in 2012
Hi IJ,
saw your mail regarding unveiling of your book. Damn good , congrats and keep it up. Will get in touch shortly.
Happy New Year and Congratulations on the unveiling, Mr. Singh! Look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.
What a wonderful achievement IJ and what a great venue (and with Royal Salute to boot) for your book launch! Congratulations and all the very best for success in the future. 
My warm and respectful regards to General Sahab. Cheers.
Moeen Jan – Ex Ambassador of Pakistan to United Kingdoms
No Boda Boda!
is a provocative, endearing and humorous account of IJ Singh’s journeys through the most remote destinations in the world.
Adventure in India’s
northeastern frontier (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam and Manipur) where they meet four colorful English fishermen.
The Great Game
His value system is influenced by the military culture on which he was raised.
Planet Earth
according to IJ, needs all of us to contribute to its recovery and survival.…
Photo Credits
I took very few photographs myself in course of the last three decades. I was always too involved in the actual situation of leading in or out! Only some are included here. I did at one point sketch a bit and some of these travel sketches areshown in the book. The memories therefore that were brought to life in color, were done so through the lens of the many travelers, professional photographers in some cases but just plain avid travelers in the other cases. As said, because of some of these images going back many years, it was not possible for me to put each credit to each image. However, I have tried my best to mention all those who sent in their photos and which I have used. In the event I have erroneously missed a name or indeed put a name of someone who did not supply photos, I trust no ill intent is seen. In some cases, the panapoly of images I have with me and that could not be squeezed into book, will feature on the website, www.nobodaboda.com in the changing gallery. I therefore use this space to give credit.
Professional Photographers
Anwar Sajid PAKISTAN (Chitral images), Chivas Brothers, London, UK, Royal SaluteT (polo images), David Sangtam INDIA with Leon Verhaegen HOLLAND (Tribal north east images), Eliane Thweate USA (Tribal Rajasthan Lady in bluesaree cover), Gertie Wait A Little South Africe (riders watching pair of cheetah) Harpreet Singh INDIA Rajasthan horse trek images, Irma Turtle USA, (tribal Orissa images), Luc Bombardier CANADA (images Rafting on the Ganges), Jain Brothers - INDIA (India Polo images), James Allen Zuckerman USA, Kieron Nelson Canada (Blue Boy, Bonda Bead lady drinking and Angami Naga Warrior with spear, Athletes vertical leaps), Maria Verridichio CANADA, Matieas Nillson SWEDEN (Spashram image), Phal Girota INDIA (Indian Cavalry images), Paul Nevin AUSTRALIA, (Pakistan Chitral polo field images), Tessa and Ant Baber, South Africa (Cover rhino image and of author on horse near Giraffe), Tessa McGregor Scotland (sambhar stag) Tom Schovsbo Safaris Tanzania (Rider meeting African Elephant). Leon Verhaegen HOLLAND".
Amateur Photographers
Dr Anthony Pryer UK (Garhwal Trek images), Bala Mallya Dubai (India Polo images), Bernd Maracke Germany (crouching tiger image), Beverley Adlewan USA (Nagaland images), Bobby Alford, Charlie of Rugby School UK (Polo South Africa images), Dan Lion UK (African Leopard image), Gregory Aurit USA (Vallery of Flowers and Hemkund Lake images), Gerd Tessmer SDP Reisen Germany (recent images of His Holiness The Dalai Lama), The Fighting Fifth Batallion of The Assam Rifles India (historic images of the Dalai Lama's escape into India), Holly Beinhorn USA (The Hampta Pass Himachal Pradesh India), Inder Jit Singh INDIA (misc.), Jeffrey Y Campbell India (tiger eating kill), The Late Colonel John Wakefield India (tiger twins on rock, and elephant safari tracking a family of tiger), The Late Lt Gen RK Jasbir Singh PVSM Inda (mahaseer fishing), Kieth & Christine Jones with PJ & Barney Biestlink UK (Botswana wildlife and horse safari), Kunal Verma India (Ladakh images), Mark Curtoys UK (North east travel), Nancy Ray Inman USA (Nepal trek), Col Narinder Singh India (native sikh Nihang warrior), Peter Prentice Hong Kong (AVJ Edwards group photo), Pedro and Alba Urquijo Arroz Spain (Monsoon horse trek Rajasthan), PE Salt Canada (Argentine journeys and Palermo Open), Sandy Murray UK Osprey Adventures (Mountaineering Expedition images), Dr Sidiq Wahid - India (Ladakh Yurts/Sarai) TE Field UK (Northeast India travel). Images in the section of Author's pick of unique journeys have been provided by the respective hosts named at the outset of these sections.